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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) pays for training for unemployed or under-employed workers to get professional certified skills (CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Project Management Professional (PMP), Six Sigma, SHRM and other certifications that are now required by many of the employers we work with). This is a grant. These are short term training programs designed to get you back into the workforce with a good career as soon as possible.


Here are some of the ways you can qualify:


Government Grants for Dislocated Workers


If you were laid off from your last job, your job was eliminated, your place of work closed or you have received a letter of lay off, then you are a dislocated worker. Note that unemployment is based on where you worked, but the WIOA grant is based on the county where you live. Your unemployment benefits will come from Texas but your WIOA grant will come from the county where you live in Florida.


Government Grants for Adult Low Income


If you are on food stamps or other government assistance, or your income is below a certain amount, then you could be eligible for a WIOA grant based on your income. If you are strictly using income, you will need to provide pay check stubs for the last 26 weeks. If you qualify both as a dislocated worker and adult low income, they will usually put you under dislocated worker because there is more funding available.


Government Grants for Veterans (and their spouses!)


If you were honorably discharged in the last 48 months and are unemployed, then you can qualify for a WIOA grant. If you made more than you did in the military after you left the service and then quit that job you might not qualify. Spouses of active duty members who had to leave their job because their spouse was reassigned and relocated also qualify.


Government Grants for Youths 18-24


If you are 18-24 and unemployed you might be eligible for a WIOA Youth grant. This is a tremendous opportunity to get the skills you need to get started in your career. The funding is limited and the program varies by county so call 813-387-3503 for more information.


Getting started


The application process is different for each county. It can also be cumbersome and drag on endlessly if you are not prepared. We walk you through the entire process to make sure your application is handled in a timely manner so we can go to work to get you trained, certified and help you with job placement.

New Horizons


Our company, New Horizons, has partnered with this government agency that administers this program to help dislocated workers. We are the world’s largest independent training company and currently provide training in IT, Cyber-Security, Project Management and Business to over 3,000 employers in Central Florida alone. As part of this program we have partnered with a staffing firm to help the people in this program get placed.


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